Touch Screen Utility
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Touch Screen Utility

Glove Information

Youngstown Glove Company’s TouchScreen Glove features capacitive materials on the index, middle and thumb, thereby allowing you to operate touchscreen devices such as your iPad, touchscreen monitor, or state-of-the-art smartphone -- while wearing gloves. Appropriate for both resistive and capacitive screens! You will want a form-fit glove to take advantage of the freedom to operate touchscreens while keeping your hands safe and protected.

Features & Benefits

  • Specialized conductive material on thumb, index and middle fingers for use with touchscreens
  • Comfortable synthetic suede base layer
  • Directional top of hand wicks away heat and moisture
  • Terry cloth thumb for wiping away sweat and debris
  • Supportive cuff with adjustable Velcro closure
  • Ideal for TouchScreen Use / Tablet Use / Warehouse Operations / Field Operations / On-the-Go Professionals