Youngstown's All Purpose Work Gloves

All Purpose

Extra heavy-duty performance

Youngstown’s original line-up of performance work gloves were built on the foundation of providing the toughest work gloves in the market. We wanted to offer the best pound for pound or dollar to durability ratio in the marketplace. We achieved this through extensive wear trials where we studied various patterns and materials until we settled on the Youngstown build.

You’ll notice that the hallmark of our designs features extensive palm-side reinforcement. Double-layering of fingertips, mid-finger, palms and the saddle area (between thumb and index finger) are critical to extending the life of the gloves. In addition to this critical element there is also thread quality, double-stitching and other material choices such as the fourchettes (finger side panels).

One of the many challenges in designing a work glove is striking the right balance between durability, comfort and dexterity. A glove needs reinforcement and tough materials to achieve greater durability. These same things can hinder dexterity and comfort if the pattern isn’t well designed. If you are looking primarily for comfort you should try our Mechanics Plus or Hybrid Plus. If you want the ruggedness of our # 1 in Durability Products you should consider our non-slip reinforced gloves such as the Pro XT or General Utility Plus.

#1 in Durability

Youngstown has always prided itself on creating gloves that last longer than the rest. These extra rugged gloves are built with extensive non-slip reinforcement throughout the palm, fingers, thumb and saddle. The non-slip offers excellent abrasion resistance and lasting grip and can withstand heavy abuse in the most abrasive applications.
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