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Arc Rated

Advanced hand protection for utility workers

Arc rated work gloves are relevant for any worker who is potentially exposed to an electric arc generating a heat flux of greater than 2 cal/cm2. They also make sense for workers in less extreme environments who may face hazards such as sparks or flames. Part of being arc rated means that the gloves will NOT Drip, Melt or Ignite when exposed to these hazards.

Most of our arc rated glove designs feature goatskin leather. Leather inherently performs well in arc testing due the nature of the hides themselves. However, not all leather is created equal. Thin split leathers can be rated very low. At Youngstown Glove Co., we achieve higher arc levels due to the thickness and quality of the hides we use. Additionally, the patterns and thread also enhance the performance in the third party arc tests.

WARNING: Youngstown’s Arc Rated gloves do NOT protect against shock or voltage.

We have a complete offering of arc rated gloves to cover most common working environments and hazards. We offer both short and long cuff styles as well as summer and winter styles. Some of our most popular arc rated gloves feature a 100% Kevlar® lining. The Kevlar® fiber not only enhances the arc rating of the glove but it provides increased cut and puncture resistance for outstanding overall hand protection.

WARNING: Youngstown’s Arc Rated gloves do NOT protect against shock or voltage.

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