Youngstown's High Visibility Work Gloves

High Visibility

Increased awareness in low light situations

Youngstown offers a select line of performance gloves featuring safety lime coloring and reflective 3M™ Scotchlite™ to increase visual awareness in low light applications. Retroflection occurs when light rays are returned in the direction from which they came. If you are working on the roadside and a car’s headlight hit the Scotchlite™ on your glove it will reflect back to the driver to make you more visible (and avoided).

Years ago, orange was the predominant color of roadside safety and it was found on everything from signs to cones to worker vests. However, over time we became more desensitized to orange so lime coloring was introduced. Today, we mostly see orange on inanimate objects (cones, signs) and lime goes on the humans to help us visual differentiate. Youngstown’s high visibility series are all made up of safety lime coloring along with reflectivity on the knuckle and fingertips to maximize awareness.

Our high visibility series runs the gamut when it comes to Youngstown’s core technologies. You will that we offer the following types of gloves within our high visibility series; winter waterproof, cut resistant, flame resistant and even impact resistant.

Multiple Areas of Reflectivity

For increased safety awareness, we use 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflective material throughout the work glove. On many of these items you will find reflectivity on the top of hand knuckle, top of hand fingertips and the underside of the wrist. This will ensure you are seen, regardless of your hand position.

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Explore our full offering of high visibility gloves including: waterproof/winterized, impact resistant, cut resistant, puncture resistant and even leather hybrid.

Continual improvement

Youngstown Glove has spent 15+ years refining our ergonomic, 3D glove patterns to create work gloves that form-fit to your hand for superior dexterity and comfort while also lasting a long time in the field. It is challenging to strike the right balance between durability and comfort. We study wear points and analyze customer feedback to constantly tweak our patterns to achieve higher and higher levels of in-field performance.
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