Youngstown's Waterproof Winter Gloves

Waterproof Winter

Winter work gloves designed to keep your hands warm and dry in harsh winter conditions

Youngstown Glove Company is a leader in the industry in the winter work glove category. A key differentiator of the Youngstown winter line is the waterproof technology found in our gloves. Between the rugged outer-shell of the glove and the innermost liner is a waterproof/windproof/breathable membrane designed to keep your hands warm and dry. A dry hand is a warmer hand.

Many of our winter models features 3M™ Thinsulate™ for enhanced insulation and longer lasting warmth. Thinsulate™ is made of unique ultra-thin microfibers that provide insulation with less bulk, making ideal for work gloves where dexterity is required. The Thinsulate used ranges from 80g up to 200g, depending on the style.

Our multi-technology offering will help you find the winter glove that best meets your needs and working hazards. In addition to our core line of rugged winter work gloves we offer specialty waterproof gloves with added safety benefits such as: FR and Arc Rated, Cut & Puncture Resistant and High Visibility.

Waterproof Technology

In this graphic, the membrane is represented as the ‘middle layer’ and the arrows are the incoming water/rain. As you can see the outer-shell allows water and rain to pass through but the membrane prevents that water/rain from reaching the innermost liner. Since the outershell can absorb water this technology is not best for heavy rains but instead for intermittent rains and contact with wet items or snow.
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