Youngstown's Cut-Resistant and Puncture-Resistant Gloves

Technical work gloves designed to protect against cuts, lacerations, and punctures

Youngstown’s cut and puncture resistant work gloves are a unique line of performance work gloves which are completely lined with Kevlar® fiber. Every inch of the glove — palm, top, side and cuff — is lined with Kevlar® fiber to ensure 360° of protection. This is a key differentiator of Youngstown’s cut resistant gloves and puncture resistant gloves as there are competitors in the marketplace which only protect a section of the glove, instead of the entire glove. At Youngstown, we protect all parts of your hand. All of our cut resistant and puncture resistant gloves are tested to the most current national standards.

Youngstown Glove has been a partner of Kevlar® since 2005. We are the recipient of three DuPont™ Innovation awards for bringing to market unique glove designs featuring Kevlar®. Our leather goods feature 100% Kevlar® fiber which not only adds the cut and puncture resistance, but it also adds flame resistance to the product. On our synthetic gloves, we use a Kevlar® blend to increase comfort for the wearer where 'flame resistance' isn’t required.

Kevlar® is a unique fiber that comes in many forms and is used in various applications from cut-resistant and puncture-resistant gloves to military helmets, body armor and mass transportation. Kevlar® offers remarkable strength even it its lightweight fabric nature. It is flame resistant, self-extinguishing, cut resistant, heat resistant, comfortable, and washable. All of these properties are inherent in the material and do not degrade over time.

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