Youngstown’s Flame Resistant Work Gloves


Flame Resistant

No drip, no melt & no ignite

Burn injuries are life threatening and life altering. Recovery time is long and painful and extremely expensive. Rules have been in place for some time that requires workers in exposed to these hazards to wear FR rated clothing. The idea being that FR clothing will not increase the injury by continuing to burn or melting into the worker’s skin. At Youngstown, we believe that if you are wearing FR clothing then certainly your gloves should be FR as well. Why wear FR clothing and then have a glove on your hand that will drip, melt and increase injury? It doesn’t make sense and it is a dangerous practice that many workers are exposed to everyday.

Youngstown is a pioneer in the FR performance work glove market. We worked closely with major electric and gas utilities in the US to develop better hand protection that met their demands and protected them in their extreme work environments. In addition to being Flame Resistant these gloves are also cut and puncture resistant and arc rated.

All of Youngstown’s gloves that are labeled as FR have been tested in third party laboratories and passed both the ASTM D6413 as well as the European EN 407. These are simple yet smart tests which prove out that our gloves will not drip, melt or ignite when exposed to flames and sparks. They will also self-extinguish after being set on fire. Bottom line is they will not increase the injury to a worker caught in these environments, just like the FR clothing. To be clear, our current FR glove line is not designed for fire-fighting. That requires different testing and construction to pass those NFPA requirements. Our gloves are designed to withstand shorter exposure times of flame.

Built with Kevlar®

The most common FR gloves you will find in our offering are leather work gloves that are completely lined with Kevlar® fiber. This combination makes for a wonderfully protective FR work glove. Not only are these gloves FR but the Kevlar also adds cut and puncture resistance to ensure total hand protection. Add to this the Youngstown quality of pattern, leather and craftsmanship and you have an ultra-protective work glove that lasts and is comfortable to wear.
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